Hundreds of thousands of enterprises run mission-critical ops on public cloud services. 

As companies migrate more workloads from private data centers to public clouds, there emerges a growing imperative to manage the financial risks associated with public cloud service outages. 

  • Forgone Revenues/Transactions

  • Customer Refunds

  • Lost Productivity

  • Brand Reparation Costs

  • SLA Breach Penalties

  • Regulatory Fines

  • Law Suits

Public cloud service outages disrupt business operations, causing expensive financial consequences:

In 2016, businesses lost more than $3.8 billion in aggregate value because of operational disruptions caused by public cloud service outages.



Bridging the gap between cloud technology and finance.

We are a team of data scientists, software developers, and financiers. We build analytics engines that quantify the financial risks of public cloud service outages; we also underwrite in-house financial hedging instruments.

Risk Management

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cloud service outages.

We help businesses manage financial risks deriving from

Cloud Outage Risk Engine (CORE) is the analytics platform designed by Black Swan Technology to assess the risks of various cloud services in conjunction with end-user company attributes. Insurance companies and financial institutions use CORE to create proprietary hedging instruments that protect companies running on public IaaS and PaaS.



Insurance Companies


Financial Institutions



Cloud Outage Payout Agreements (COPA) are over-the-counter financial contracts between Black Swan Technology and your business. In exchange for a premium, each contract obligates Black Swan to issue a payout to your company when it is disrupted by public cloud service outages. COPA is a type of cloud technology derivative (CTD).



Businesses running on public cloud services.