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Formed in 2016, Black Swan Technology specializes in the development of cloud technology derivatives.

We are a team of data scientists, software developers, and financiers who are champions of the cloud. Our core data and development team is split between the US and China, but our partners and customers are global.

As more businesses run critical operations on the public cloud to take advantage of scale, operational, and cost efficiencies, it is imperative to ask what happens when the cloud fails. 

At Black Swan Technology, we believe that high-availability, redundant architecture, and fail-over protocols are clearly necessary, but insufficient to handle the financial consequences that businesses must face when public cloud services eventually suffer outages.

There is no such thing as perfect infrastructure or platforms. However, by building the proper financial instruments to complement technical best practices, we can make the public cloud an optimal environment for existing and future businesses.

We are champions of a better cloud ecosystem.

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