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We are a startup. And like any startup, the beautiful things is we get to establish our own culture. Our original founding team's DNA is woven deeply into the way that we operate and think about the world. 

Make no mistake, our business is a global affair. After all, the cloud knows no barriers, and neither do financial solutions. Similarly, we are looking for team members who come with a cosmopolitan background. 

Many companies define their culture as a set of things that they do. We believe it is easier to simply identify the things you shouldn't do. Outside of that, we encourage creativity, diversity, and exploring new boundaries.

Our "Don't" Principles

1. Don't be an intellectual elitist. You are no smarter than the next person. The difference is your education and experience. Teach each other. Help each other grow. Everyone here is damned smart. We care about potential.

2. Don't pretend to know the answer. We cultivate an intellectually, socially, and emotionally safe environment. Our job necessitates curiosity and the confidence to say that you don't always know an answer. But figure out the solution.

3. Don't cut corners. Much of our work is hard because it is in unexplored territory. We get to help shape the business landscape at the intersection of cloud computing and finance as much as we get to inform public policy and regulations by establishing precedence. So lay the right foundation, pay attention to detail, and leave guesswork behind. Integrity is everything.

4. Don't be complacent. Startups are rough and our founders are serial entrepreneurs who are extremely realistic and practical about the short- and long-term challenges. You're here for the hardships and the celebrations. If you want a standard 9-to-5 this might not work out. 

5. Don't over engineer. Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest, even if the task is complex or difficult. This means being frugal about using resources and not introducing unnecessary philosophical elements into practical problem-solving procedures.

6. Don't rush. Sometimes, to be fast, you have to slow down. We are not a fast-food joint. We develop technology and finance products based on thoughtful design, math, engineering, and finance. There are deadlines, but meeting them for the sake of meeting them at the sacrifice of good work only means we are dead at the line. This is no excuse for being inefficient, however.

7. Don't be a "leader." Stop trying so hard to "lead." Leaders don't do that. They just take meaningful action to complete tasks. Sometimes that means delegation, other times that means doing it yourself. We are not at the stage of recruiting a billion managers. We want builders, thinkers, and execution wizards.

8. Don't be stale. Our business will evolve. Hell, it has evolved, and quickly. You have to adapt. This includes taking on new work, more responsibilities, different responsibilities. Sometimes it means you have to fly around the world. Other times it means you have to hold the fort down in the office. Be flexible.

9. Don't fear failure. What we are doing is novel. It has never been done before. We literally invented the cloud technology derivative category. So that means we have to be brave and experimental. Be careful, but don't be afraid. 

10. Don't be a jerk. Everyone here is a human being. We are caring, understanding, and supportive of each other. We are like a family in many senses of the word. We cover each other's backs. We help each other succeed. We have fun together. We respect boundaries.

Career & Culture

You may find it odd that we only have general descriptions of functional categories. That's a deliberate decision. We are a startup that has many needs and we are seeking people who have the potential to create value broadly as well as deeply, not merely experienced professionals who are interested in a single track. Successful team members in our startup environment wear many hats, as they say.

Our application process is direct: send us your resume at and we'll give you a call if we have a good fit. Feel free to attach an optional cover letter introducing yourself and why Black Swan Technology interests you.


Software Development

Data Science

Applied Mathematics / Statistics

Algorithm Engineering

Finance - Risk Management

Finance - Actuarial Design

Legal / Compliance

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