There is no such thing as perfect infrastructure. Cloud service failures are eventualities. 

Cloud Outage Payout Agreement

Your business relies on the cloud to create value. Now count on COPA to protect it.

Structure the terms of COPAs to meet your public cloud architecture's needs. Never worry about the financial fallout of public cloud service disruptions to your revenue or costs again.

How COPA Works

Cloud Services

Your Business


When your business operations is disrupted by a public cloud service outage, COPA automatically triggers a payout that is correlated with the amount of downtime that your business experiences. 



Unlike traditional risk-management solutions, such as classic insurance coverage, COPA doesn't measure post-hoc damages that your business suffers from cloud service disruptions before issuing payout. Instead, COPA relies on technical benchmarks to determine whether your business' cloud architecture has been impacted. If so, COPA automatically triggers the appropriate payout to your business. 

Payouts are calculated as a function of the disruption time that your business experiences due to a public cloud service outage, multiplied by a preset lock-in hourly rate. Black Swan Technology experts work with your business to structure the appropriate lock-in rate given your company's cloud architecture, risk tolerance, and desired protection levels to design the optimal hedging strategy.

We designed COPA to be a smart contract that automatically triggers payouts whenever your business is disrupted by cloud service outages. We've eliminated the burdensome claims processes that plagued traditional insurance models. The expediency of COPA payouts provides a clear advantage for businesses that need to focus on operational recovery, rather than dealing with the bureaucracy of filing claims.

Who says financial instruments have to be complicated? We've built tools to help your business easily manage, monitor, and track COPA payouts.

COPA: Visible & Transparent

*User dashboard with hypothetical services and values.

*User dashboard with hypothetical services and values.

Throughout its lifecycle, COPA can issue multiple payouts to protect customers against multiple cloud service outages. Payout value per incident correlates with downtime.

Multiple Payouts

Payout Calculation


We detect whether your business is impacted by a cloud outage on the basis of technical metrics that are industry-approved. There's no need for annoying claims processes or adjustments. We use data to make life easier for everyone.

Smarter Payouts

Track all payout activities based on the cloud services you have covered. Look up all COPA terms and details with the ability to make on-the-fly changes.

Activity Tracking

Payout = 

Effective Downtime



COPA: Financial Protection Grounded in Technical Reality

COPAs are over-the-counter (OTC) contracts between Black Swan Technology and your business. In the event that your public cloud service outage disrupts your operations, COPAs will issue a financial payout.

COPA: Financial Protection that Mirrors Your Cloud Architecture

Structure COPAs to evolve with your cloud architecture. As you scale up or down your cloud service needs, commensurately augment COPAs on-the-fly. Never over pay. Never under cover.

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Read some of our featured customer success stories to learn how COPA helps businesses manage financial risks deriving from public cloud service outages.

Customer Success

Featured Stories

A Growing Family of Clouds Under our Care

If your business runs on any of the following cloud service providers, COPA has you covered.


Data-driven Impact

Intuitive Protection

Intelligent Payouts

High-availability architecture and fail-over protocols are, respectively, preventative and recovery measures. COPA is a financial solution designed to help your business recover losses when those technical safety nets aren't enough.

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COPA is hyper flexible. It evolves to provide the appropriate protection based on the changes in your cloud architecture.